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थाइल्याण्ड बायोमास पावर प्लान्टको लागि 5 कारणले EFB चिपर छनौट गर्दछ

Oil Palm Biomass wastes especially empty fruit bunch (EFB) is a reliable resource for generate electricity, because of its availability, continuity and capacity for renewable energy solution.

The global production of palm oil is expected to grow to around 75.7 million metric tons in the marketing year 2019/2020,that means 15.14 million metric tons of oil palm EFB.

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Oil palm industries produced abundant amount of biomass per year. Those vast quantity of oil palm biomass especially oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) had long been a problem for the industry and the environment if without efficient utilization.

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At the same time the increasing costs of fossil fuel had encouraged heavy industries that are traditionally reliant on furnace oil, coal, diesel and LPG to turn to alternative renewable sources for energy. That why Engineer L contacted our team in year 2014, his company was the biomass size reduction machinery supplier behind Thailand top 3 Biomass Power Plant.

The EFB contains oil, allowing people to contribute to the substitution effect of fossil fuel and the reduction of greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2 by effectively using it as fuel.

The disadvantage of EFB as boiler fuel had always been its large physical size, before burning, they should be shred or cut to size less than 3” for efficient combustion.

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When being askedकिनthey chose our EFB Chipper for biomass power plant? Our Client from Thailand told us5 REASONS:

1) They didn’t like the machine to squeeze the juice out, because biomass power plant did not have Sewage treatment equipment.

2) They had contacted with several EFB size reduction machinery suppliers, but most of them were not able to arrange site visiting. Some of their machine’s capacity were too small to meet boiler’s fuel requirements.

3) Before went to our user’s site in Selangor, Malaysia, he had got a thorough understanding of the structure of EFB Chipper, plus watched the operation of the machine on site. He believed that our machine could meet the needs of their user from biomass power plant.

4) EFB Chipper's price and parts replacement costs were acceptable.

5) Learned about the after-sales service of our previous projects, and our pre-sales service this time, they had more trust in our company.

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Nonetheless, he planned to place one unit for trial order and wait for more machines after the production test was completed.

2014.04.03   Engineer L visited our user’s site in Selangor, Malaysia
2014.05.19   Trial order received from Engineer L’s company
2014.06.08   Machine was finished fabrication and loaded into container
2014.06.27   Machine installation was completed; a testing was carried out.

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Do you think it is the whole story?

After the successful trial of the first unit of EFB Chipper, Thai customer purchased another 10 unit of EFB Chipper. Our technical team went to Thailand for machine commissioning and technical support three times.

Technical information about oil palm EFB:
Bunch                     : Moisture content 70%
                               : Density: 0.3T/CBM
Output EFB Fiber   : Moisture content 65%
                               : Density: 0.2T/CBM

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